Children's Hub


Game Types

Single Player Games

Garage/Gig - Best for practice and earning coins

Studio - Earn rock speed and status

Soundcheck - 6 second limit per question

Multiplayer Games

Festival - Take on the world

Arena - Compete against your class mates

Rockslam - Head to head against another member of the school

Make a Noise (KS2)

How to log onto Google Classroom

New - how to log onto google classroom.webm

How to upload Evidence

How to upload photos via Google Classroom.mp4

If you still face issues with Google Classroom, email

How to get in touch with class teachers

We are offering 3 different ways for Parents and Children to contcat their class teacher.

Option 1: Google Classroom for Years 3-6, Tapestry for EYFS, Year 1 & Year 2.

Option 2: Email your class teacher, you only need to email the class your child(ren) are in.

Option 3: Ring the school directly on 01702 230911